Why Choose Duke:

A Team Approach to Comprehensive Thyroid Treatment
Your child’s team may include pediatric specialists in endocrinology, radiology, head and neck surgery, anesthesiology, cancer, and genetics. They have extensive experience caring for children with thyroid disorders.

Expert Care for Pediatric Eye Problems
About one-third of children with Graves’ disease develop eye problems such as prominent eyes, vision loss, or light sensitivity. When this occurs, our pediatric endocrinologists work closely with pediatric ophthalmologists who provide expert care to your child.

Experienced Surgeons Reduce Your Child’s Risk of Complications
Our endocrine surgeons perform hundreds of thyroidectomies annually. Our research shows that children who need thyroid surgery have better outcomes.

Pediatric-Specific Treatment Guidelines
We use pediatric-specific guidelines to treat thyroid nodules and thyroid disorders. That’s because these conditions can behave differently in children, and aggressive treatments geared for adults can cause long-term complications in children.

Research-Driven Care
Our pediatric endocrinologists are also researchers who are dedicated to improving care for children with thyroid conditions. Duke’s ongoing research collaboration with a local bioengineering firm may lead to a rapid, noninvasive approach to identifying and treating thyroid disorders in newborns.

Principal Investigators

Image of Laura Page
Principal Investigator
Laura Page
Pediatric Endocrinologist